JOB Application

As a taxi driver, you would pick up passengers and take them to their destination by the quickest and safest route.

If you like working with people, want a job where you’re out and about and one that makes good use of your driving skills, this career may suit you well.

In this job you will need to be able to drive safely. You will also need good customer care skills and the ability to plan your time.


When Working you would?

  • take job details over the radio from the dispatcher at the office or by the in-car computer
  • help to load and unload passengers’ luggage
  • be courteous and respectful at ALL TIMES
  • process payments for fares
  • keep the vehicle clean and in a roadworthy condition


Driver Positions Requirements:  The job requires a Class E license than can be obtain without a test at a local DMV.   Once driver is hired and approved by our vehicle insurance he/she will try the job out for two weeks to determined continuance of employment.  After the second week driver will be required to proceed in obtaining their WTLC driver Permit (Hack License) in White Plains.  The cost is $135/year and our company will Cover the $95 Finger printing fee.  Recent (6 months) defensive driving course completion and certificate is required for WTLC application.

This is an hourly rate  plus tips.  All vehicles are company owned and will cover all expenses related to vehicle (Carwash, Gas, Tolls, air fresheners, etc.).  We are a FULL taxi service that includes transportation locally, out of town, airports, Medicaid transportation, corporate accounts, and long distances.  

Attach are two forms that need to brought completed to interview.  The Driver Affirmation Application needs to be sign in front of a NOTARY.  The Driver Endorsement 2 only the middle part of  your information and next of kin need to fill out.  We also need a copy of an utility bill in your name for proof of address.  This has to be an utility bill (Telephone, Cable, Electricity, fuel or a lease agreement).  A recent Driver abstract (driving record).  This can be obtain at a DMV office or it can be obtained on line.

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